Decaf Teas

Black Currant- Decaf Black Tea

Intensely black currant. Reminds one of warm summer days 'amongst the currant bushes'.$5.85/50 g
× 50 g

Earl Grey- Decaf Black Tea

A classic English tea blend with the finest Ceylon OP decaf and natural bergamot flavour.$5.85/50 g
× 50 g

English Breakfast- Decaf Black Tea

Blended in the traditional way with Assam, Ceylon and Darjeeling teas from the original British colonies.$5.85/50 g
× 50 g

Ginger- Decaf Black Tea

Blended with ginger, spices and natural ginger flavour. The perfect blend for all spiced tea lovers.$5.85/50 g
× 50 g

Indian Chai- Decaf Black Tea

A famous beverage from India which has become popular around the world.$6.00/50 g
× 50 g

Irish Breakfast- Decaf Black Tea

Decaffeinated in the green leaf stage and then processed normally giving a malty tea taste.$5.85/50 g
× 50 g

Mango- Decaf Black Tea

Finest Ceylon OP blended with the delightful flavour of tropical mango and enriched with yellow flower blossoms.$5.85/50 g
× 50 g

Sencha- Decaf Green Tea

Good green tea flavour with longish Sencha leaf style. All the goodness of green tea without the caffeine.$6.00/50 g
× 50 g

Orange Spice- Decaf Black Tea

Smooth delicious character with superb orange flavour enhanced with spicy cinnamon notes.$5.85/50 g
× 50 g

Cream Earl Grey- Decaf Black Tea

The classic Earl Grey tea enriched with cornflowers and a very special cream flavour.$5.85/50 g
× 50 g

Assam TGFOP1- Decaf Black Tea

This Assam is produced using the C02 high pressure method. A better flavour and a full colour are the most significant advantages of this environmentally friendly process.$5.65/50 g
× 50 g

Darjeeling- Decaf Black Tea

The cachet of a Darjeeling with hints of muscatel flavour but no caffeine.$5.85/50 g
× 50 g

Lemon Cream Black- Decaf Black Tea

By popular demand we have added Lemon Cream to our decaf line-up. Finest Ceylon blended with calendula petals and natural lemon cream flavour. Using the CO2 method to decaffeinate this tea ensures that none of the flavour is lost. Enjoy this cup at night time without the worry of losing sleep.$5.85/50 g
× 50 g

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